Who are Alpha Familia Tiktok? Couple or Siblings? Both?

Alpha Familia Tiktok – The Step Brother Sister Couple

Relationships are very much hard to define these days. With the modernization that is happening around the world, we are very much unsure of the relationship that really exists in the world. TikTok is indeed the strangest place to be in when we read the information that is either confusing or disturbing Let me remind you of the recent trend on TikTok, the WAP trend!

Alpha Familia Tiktok

Alpha Familia Tiktok


In this article meet the grey lining sibling couple Alpha Familia TikTok. You read it right! They are siblings and also additionally they are a couple as well. It was not known to anybody initially but their (well kept) secret is now technically an open secret!

Who are the people behind Alpha Familia?

A short answer to this simple question is two. Daina Camilia Alpha and Jordie Alpha are the two people who are combined called the Alpha Familia. They are one of the most notorious couples on TikTok currently! First, let us talk about the female member of Alpha Familia.

Daina Camilia Alpha

Diana Camilia who is currently 23 years old has been active on TikTok for quite some time now. She used to be under a different name on TikTok. But once her boyfriend made his debut on TikTok, she changed her name and along with her current boyfriend aka step brother is making short videos on TikTok

She is blessed with black colored eyes and black colored hair. Her weight is estimated to be around 54 kg while her height is nearly 159 cm. 

Diana started making videos on TikTok way back in the year 2019. Since then she has accumulated more than 350,000 followers on the lip sync platform! The total number of likes that she has got on all the videos that have been uploaded to date on her TikTok account is more than 4 million!

Jordie Alpha

Jordie Alpha is the remaining half of the Alpha Familia. If we take a look at him he seems somewhere in his 20’s. There is no concrete information available about his age in the public domain. Jordie Alpha is believed to be around 176 cm tall and weighs about 58 Kgs.

He believes in keeping his personal life very much private and does not reveal much information into the public domain. We have no additional information about him apart from being the step sister aka boyfriend of Daina Camilia Alpha.

As of writing this, he has more than 7000 followers on his TikTok account while the total number of likes he has got is more than 40,00 nearly! They have been dating for quite some time now 

Are Jordie Alpha and Daina Camilia Alpha Really Dating?

Yes, they are apparently dating each other. This does not seem to be a fling or anything, but a serious relationship! They have been quite open about the controversial relationship that they are in. Since their relationship is a little controversial, they have been receiving a lot of hate recently!

Click Here to Watch Alpha Familia Controversy Video

If you take a look at their comment sections, it is mostly filled with hate and threats. But, this does not affect their relationship at all. They have posted dedicated videos as a solid reply to their haters. There are instances wherein Jordie has said that he will defend Diana no matter what and has stuck to his words!

Conclusion: They seem like a normal couple if we have no idea about their actual relationship. They are half sibling and half couple which is generally considered a lot weird in normal tradition. We are no one to judge them, it is their life and choice. Let us leave it to that only!

Alpha Familia TikTok id is: @alphafamilia

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