Amanda Moye Brown Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Daughter & More

Amanda Moye Brown Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Daughter

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Amanda Moye Brown Age

37 years old

Amanda Moye Brown Height

160 cm

Amanda Moye Brown Net Worth

Amanda Moye Brown Wikipedia, Daughter, and other facts

Amanda Moye Brown is famous amongst us as a celebrity wife. She is the wife of the famous actor James Wesley Brown. The couple got married in the year 2008 in Baton Rouge, Louisana. It was fairly a private ceremony. They got married in a church. They celebrate their marriage anniversary on 3rd May every year.

Amanda Moye Brown

Amanda Moye Brown

The couple is blessed with one child as of writing this. Her daughter was born in the year 2009. They were dating for quite some time before they eventually got married. Amanda and James made it official in the year 2006 when they appeared for the premiere of “We Are Marshall”

Her husband is known to star in various films and television shows. His remarkable presence is in the show named Hallmark movies. Apart from that, he has also starred in a numerous other films since he started his career in the film industry! He worked in 11 Hallmark movies in his career up to now.

Along with being a celebrity wife, Amada More Brown She is a former employee of the Disney ABC Television Group. She is present on various social media platforms like Instagram Twitter and Facebook. Her presence on Instagram is more than Facebook and Twitter combined

Unlike other celebrities, she does not shy away from posting photos of her daughter with her husband. She is quite open about her love for her husband James Wesley Brown. She shares photos and videos that give us an insight into her personal life.

Speaking of stats, currently under is followed by more than 43,000 people on Instagram. Her account is still in the growth phase and as the time passes she will be getting more and more followers.

In this article, find out what is Amanda Moye Brown Wikipedia, Amanda Moye Brown Net worth, Bio, Salary, Amanda Moye Brown Height, Weight, Amanda Moye Brown Age, Facts. Keep reading further and you will have detailed information about Amanda Moye Brown Bio, lifestyle, Amanda Moye Brown Birthday

Additionally, you will get insights on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her annual income report.

Amanda Moye Brown Bio & Age

Amanda Moye Brown’s birthday is in the year 1983. She is currently 32 years old and will be turning 33 the next year. She was born and raised in the United States of America. Amanda Moye Brown’s Ethnicity is white while the religion that she follows is not known as of now. Amanda Moye Brown’s Sun sign is Gemini.

Amanda Moye Brown Height is estimated at 160 cm while her weight is not more than 58 kgs. She is blessed with black color eyes and black colored hair. As per the reports,  she has married only once and her current husband is James Wesley Brown. The couple together have a daughter who was born in the year 2009

Although, she is quite open about her social media life nothing is known about her parents and any other stats. She is one of the richest people in the country along with some others like Mads Yo, Aloha Halia to name a few.

Amanda Moye Brown Height & Wiki

First Name


Last Name

Moye Brown


Celebrity Wife

Amanda Moye Brown Age

37 years old





Country of Residence

United States of America

Amanda Moye Brown Height

Height in Cms- 160 cm

Height in Foot- 5.2

Amanda Moye Brown Weight

58 Kg

Amanda Moye Brown Measurements

Slim fit body

Amanda Moye Brown Affair

Amanda Moye Brown Eyes Color


Amanda Moye Brown Hair Color


Amanda Moye Brown Net Worth & Salary in Detail

Amanda Moye Brown Net Worth This Year


Amanda Moye Brown Net worth Last Year


Primary Source of Income


Amanda Moye Brown Salary 

$2,000 (Monthly)

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Interesting Amanda Moye Brown facts

  • Amanda Moye Brown Age is 37 years
  • She is currently married.
  • Amanda Moye Brown Height is 160 cm
  • Amanda Moye Brown Birthday is in the year 1983
  • Amanda Moye Brown Net Worth is $50,000

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