Donelij Tiktok Banned. Know The Exact Reason Behind The Ban

Donelij Tiktok Banned

TikTok recently has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Right from the Draft Leak controversy that happened on the lip sync app a few days back to the recent Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez TikTok war, TikTok (and we) have seen it all. Now comes a piece of new and hot news from TikTok, Donelij Tiktok Banned. 

Donelij Tiktok Banned

Donelij Tiktok Banned

What is the reason behind Donelij Tiktok Banned?

This is not the first time Donelij has found himself in the middle of a controversy. Some twitter users have labeled him transphobic and homophobic. The reason behind him being labeled transphobic and homophobic is that people alleged that he hurt the sentiments of the LGBTQ community.

Donelij used to make weird faces when someone claimed that he/she is from the LGBTQ community. This hurt the sentiments of the LGBTQ community and he was bashed left right after that. If he was doing it intentionally or that was his unintentional natural reaction is a topic to be discussed in a different scenario altogether

He was just recovering from that controversy and a new controversy has knocked him once again. This time it is not that he is being labeled or something but he has been made to disappear from TikTok entirely. It was all working fine until September 1 when he disappeared from TikTok overnight.

Few people reported that whenever they searched @Donelij then, they could not find his original account and the message that was drafted by TikTok when someone searched for his name was Account has been deleted for multiple Community Guidelines violations.

A fellow TikToker made a video addressing the same issue which transcripts as 

“I am disappointed, because I know that you’re smart, and I know that you know what you’re doing and I know that you know what you’re doing is wrong. Because you see your thousands of little kid fans that you have sending death threats and hate speech and you say that you tell them to stop, but have they stopped? I don’t see them stopping?”

Is this a permanent ban on Donelij?

As of writing this, there is not an official statement on whether the ban is a permanent ban or not. He already has a backup account @notdonelijwhere he has over 1 million followers and the total likes on videos is more than 40 million all combined.

He posted an optimistic video on his backup account that he soon will make a comeback on TikTok. It was just a statement from his side or say it was a personal statement. We exactly cannot predict when will he get his account back or in the first place will he get his account back.

He titled the explanatory video as “RIP Donelij” of course meaning it in a sarcastic way! Well, that is it for this time on Donelij Tiktok Banned. I hope you understood and it solved your query!

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