15+ Fascinating Facts About Friends Tv Show in 2020.

What is Friends Tv Show All About?

Friends or as the hardcore fans call it F.R.I.E.N.D.S is an American sitcom that aired from 1994 until 2004. Yes, for 10 bulky years we witnessed what is to be like to live with Friends (pun intended). Friends TV Show is created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, who undoubtedly gave us one of the best sitcoms that aired to date.

Friends TV Show although it has an IMDB rating of 8.9/10 which certainly does not justify its craze among the fans. Friends Show is equally enjoyed by all the age group audience from 14 to 40 (obviously more biased towards 24-30 age group)

Friends Tv Show is all about six friends Monica Geller(Courtney Cox), Racheal Green(Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller(David Schwimmer), Chandler Bing(Matthew Perry), Joey Tribbiani(Matt Le Blanc) and our beloved Phoebe Buffay(Lisa Kudrow) living in an apartment who are there for each other no matter what the situation is.

Friends Tv Show

What is the reason Friends Show is so successful?

One of the primary reasons Friends Show has such a huge fan following not only in The US but all around the world is the connection it has with its audience. There were no foul languages(although I cannot comment upon some exceptional scenes) used.

The concept was simple and plain, a group of friends there for each other no matter what the situation is! There is a reason for the theme song I’ll be there for you! Now you know why!

Although it is from the sitcom genre, there are various other layers for the show too. I can find the Romcom layer in the Ross-Racheal plot. A drama layer in almost every other alternative episode.

Thus, due to the complete package reason, it is regarded as one of the best shows that aired till date!

Thoughts on Friends Cast.

Friends Cast

Friends Cast

Friends Show is supposedly based around the life of 6 friends living in an apartment. They share some happy some sad and many romantic moments amongst themselves. We can hardly distinguish(rather rate one above the other) when it comes to the cast of friends.

Some like the Ross-Racheal relationship while there are a lot of Mondler fans too! The bromance between the male cast especially Chandler-Joey are some real friendship goals. And some Chandler-Janice(Maggie Wheeler) relationship too

One fun fact here is that Monica and Racheal were actually cross cast. Put in simple terms, Monica played by Courtney Cox was supposed to play Racheal, and Racheal played by Jennifer Aniston was supposed to play Monica.

I honestly believe the way they both justified the characters, it would have been very different had they actually cross played their characters.

Fascinating Friends Show Facts

  • Do you know the show was initially not called F.R.I.E.N.D.S?
    • Insomnia Cafe
    • Six of One
    • Friends Like Us and finally
    • F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the title it went live on air under.


  • There were supposed to be only 4 Friends
    • Yes, you heard it right. Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay were supposed to be the supporting characters. Thank god it did not happen!


  • David Schwimmer, who played Ross, directed ten of the show’s episodes.
  • 20 years ago, when Friends first aired on TV, People magazine gave it a D+ rating, and Time magazine called them “dysfunctional morons.


  • When the episode “The One with the Lesbian Wedding” aired in which Ross’ ex-wife and another woman gets married the producers “expected thousands and thousands of phone calls and hate mail” in response, but actually received only four complaints by telephone.


  • The original theme song for the show was “Shiny Happy People” by R. E. M., but was later changed to “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts


  • Hank Azaria, one of the voice artists for The Simpsons and The Family Guy, auditioned for the role of Joey. But he was rejected, so he auditioned again and again, and was later cast as David, Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend.


  • James Michael Tyler, who plays Gunther, was hired because he was the only extra who knew how to use an espresso machine. He is also the only supporting member of the cast to have appeared in over 100 episodes, 151 to be exact. 


  • Jennifer Aniston almost lost the part of Rachel because of her commitments to another series called “Muddling Through”. She was allowed to film Friends under the condition that if Muddling Through became a hit, she’d pull out from Friends pilot.


  • While Ross and Rachel became the romantic cornerstone of the series, the initial power couple was meant to be Joey and Monica — but Crane decided that it was “not the right energy.


  • Monica’s apartment number — and Chandler and Joey’s — changed in the show. Monica’s went from 5 to 20, while Chandler and Joey’s went from 4 to 19. This was after the writers realized that units 4 and 5 couldn’t realistically be on a higher floor of an apartment building in New York.


  • The series’ famed opening sequence was not shot in New York but on a Warner Brothers lot.


  • While everyone had to audition for the show, David Schwimmer aka Ross Geller didn’t have to audition for Ross.


  • Though David essayed the role of Courtney’s elder brother, Courtney is actually older than David in real life.


  • When Lisa Kudrow read the whole script, she thought Matthew Perry’s character Chandler Bing was gay.


  • Remember the big white dog? Well, it was actually gifted to Jennifer Aniston by her friend for good luck on the first day of shooting friends.


  • Lisa Kudrow’s manager, Scott Howard, sued her in 2008, the year after she ended her contract with him, and four years after Friends ended.


  • Phoebe Can’t Play Guitar Because Lisa Kudrow Refused To Learn.


  • An average Friends episode took five hours to film.


  • In the first season, each of the main six cast members earned $22,000 per episode.


  • Ross and Rachel weren’t meant to be the central romance of the series. Their storyline was developed because of David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston’s chemistry.

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