Lee Yoo-mi Has Announced Her Plans To Join The Cast of “New Normal” –

Lee Yoo-mi, identified for her appearances in Squid Recreation and All of Us Are Lifeless, was affirmed as probably the most current entertainer to be a part of the stable of New Regular on June 12. Along with her sturdy depiction as Participant No. 240, in another case referred to as Ji-Yeong, in Netflix’s crush sequence, Squid Recreation, the 27-year-old entertainer took off to basic conspicuousness in 2021.

The stable of the brand new film, which is ready to be coordinated by Jung Beom-sik, presently incorporates Okay-pop threesome SHINee’s godlike object entertainer Minho, Winter Sonata star Choi Ji-charm, run artist Jung Dong-won, Block B’s most youthful half P.O, and tenderfoot Ha Da-in.

Abstract and extra info: Each little factor we’re acquainted Lee Yoo-next mi’s movie, New Regular New Regular, beforehand referred to as Goosebumps, was set to debut as a TV sequence on Kakao TV. In any case, the brand new synopsis for the movie varies fairly from the primary sequence. JTBC described it as a movie about “a desolate interval.” It’s set in a progress the place consuming and residing alone has grow to be unusual, joined by sluggishness.

Lee Yoo-mi Jung Beom-sik, the pinnacle of New Regular, is notable for his shock secret films like Epitaph (2007) and Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018). Whereas Lee Yoo-support mi’s within the movie is however obscure, her parts in Squid Recreation and All of Us Are Lifeless have aroused the creative ideas of watchers.

Additional about Lee Yoo-mi of Squid Recreation Lee Yoo-mi made her movie debut within the 2010 thrill journey The Yellow Sea, over 10 years prior. Until her affiliation in Squid Recreation, the entertainer had merely confirmed up in small parts in films and performs.

Watchers and analysts the same adulated the 27-year-portrayal previous’s of Ji-yeong, or Participant no. 240. Despite assuming a little bit of half, the actual individual made a eternal affect, notably pondering of her as affiliation with Jung Ho-character, yeon’s Kang Sae-byeok.

Lee Yoo-mi The lady used to function as a meals conveyance specialist previous to ascending to basic conspicuousness with the zombie end events movie. Considerably than her character in Squid Recreation, who was empathic and type, the entertainer’s half in every remaining one in every of Us Are Lifeless, Lee Na-yeon, was egotistical, unpleasant, and anxious to go away companions in a second.

Whatever the strategy that Squid Video video games shall be distributed in September 2021 and All of Us Are Lifeless shall be delivered in January 2022, the entertainer said that she shot every sequence concurrently.

The 27-year-old entertainer has one different notable exercise underway: she as of late teamed up with Ong Seong-wu and Byun Woo-seok on a continuation of the well-known Okay-show Sturdy Woman Do Bong Shortly.

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