Maggie Locascio Murder In The Family, Where Is Edward Locascio Now?

Miami girl began with one other hairdo and a nail therapy following fairly some time of a requesting partner caring for her.

Eventually, Maggie Locascio had taken motion. After one other affidavit in courtroom the next day, the separation could be formally completed.

We couldn’t say whether or not she was excited about the end of her 28-year marriage or her impending sections as she drove her Mercedes again to the right home in Coral Gables.

Homicide In The Household – Demise Of Maggie Locascio Maggie Locascio died when she was 45 years of age. For fairly a while, she had been hitched to Ed Locascio Sr. Eddie, who was 19 at that time, was the kid of Maggie and Ed.

Maggie was portrayed as dazzling, insightful, and aggressive. Previous to turning right into a housewife, she had her graduate diploma and functioned as a bookkeeper for fairly some time.

The police appeared on the Locascio residence on Granada Boulevard on October 30, 2001. Even if the warning had gone off, the police noticed that the entryway was simply marginally open. As they moved round the home, they skilled a sickening scene.

They discovered the passing of a girl they knew as Maggie Locascio on the kitchen flooring. A name was made to the Miami Dade Murder Bureau.

Maggie had persevered by way of numerous beatings and stabbings. She had moreover opposed her attacker. She was harmed justifiably, and one among her fingers was virtually severed. The killer moreover stepped on Maggie’s chest to ensure she was useless after they uncared for to kill her.

The place May The Assassin Michael Locascio Now be? Michael and Ed had simply spoken greater than as soon as earlier than the murder. They drove very numerous methods of life. They habitually expressed each when the murder within the weeks earlier. To be exact, a number of instances.

The police went over the reconnaissance movie from Ed’s townhouse. Within the recording, they noticed Ed and his sweetheart collectively. In any case, they moreover noticed one other pure face. At 11:40 pm, a dousing moist Michael appeared at Ed’s townhouse. He was displayed outwardly digicam trying to get into the construction.

The police accepted that Maggie had gotten again that night and had no clue about what may happen. Michael hid within the carport and entered the house after Maggie did. Maggie had begun to organize supper, and Michael shocked her. He fiercely killed her and tried to tidy up the proof.

The police assessed the video remark from Ed’s townhouse. They noticed Ed and his sweetheart collectively within the video. In any case, they likewise perceived an alternate face. A drenched Michael confirmed up at Ed’s townhouse at 11:40 pm. He ought to have been seen endeavoring to enter the design on the skin digicam.

The police accepted Maggie had returned residence that evening and knew nothing about what was going to happen. Within the wake of concealing within the carport, Michael adopted Maggie inside the home. Michael shocked Maggie as she was going to begin preparing supper. He killed her viciously and tried to eradicate the proof.

The Suspect Edward Locascio Did Not Homicide Maggie Locascio Edward Locascio was the first particular person the police tried to speak with since his attendance on the scene raised doubts. He was welcome to go to the police headquarters by them.

Eddie was examined by the police concerning his whereabouts throughout the murder. He professed to have been in school, working within the lab with a science trainer. Eddie added that the jerk obtained it finished and asserted he wasn’t shocked that his mother had died. He portrayed his dad as a near residence harasser whereas conversing with him.

The police gathered an instance of Eddie’s fingerprints and DNA. In any case, the second he was allowed to go away the station, he bumped into his dad. Ed Sr. had moreover been introduced in to be interrogated by the police. The police detailed that it was disrupting and that Eddie handed his dad with out expressing a phrase.

Ed was addressed by the police the identical approach about his whereabouts that evening. Ed professed to have visited his residence suite. He was forthright about their separation but demanded that Maggie wasn’t killed.

On the level when Ed denounced his youngster, the police have been shocked. Subsequent to taking Ed’s DNA and fingerprints, the police delivered him and skilled him to go. However insufficient close to affirm, the police had doubts.


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