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Maggie Wheeler Net Worth, Juno Wheeler and  Bio.

Quick Info:

Maggie Wheeler Husband

Daniel Borden Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler Net Worth 

$2 Million

Maggie Wheeler Daughter
Gemma Wheeler, Juno Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler aka Janice from FRIENDS!

Maggie Wheeler is an American Actress who is better known amongst us as Janice from the famous American sitcom Friends. The reason she is loved is her unique voice. Oh my god! Chandler Bing!  is the same dialogue that made Maggie Wheeler famous on the famous American sitcom. (I know you read it in the same tone as her)

We all know the six friends who made their living out of Friends, but Maggie Wheeler is also not behind by much. She was/is equally gossiped as the main cast of friends. Maggie Wheeler is one of those few supporting cast members who got the fame despite not being in the lead role on the Tv Show Friends(aka F.R.I.E.N.D.S).

Maggie Wheeler Friends

Maggie Wheeler Friends

Maggie Wheeler, also known as Margaret Emily Jakobson. She began her career way before she was casted on friends as a voice artist. She gave voice-overs to many famous cartoons one among those is “Silverhawks” in the ’80s. Maggie Wheeler also gave voice over to Harley Quinn in the Batman series!

She also guest-starred on multiple shows, including,

  • The Paper Chase
  • L.A. Law
  • Dream On
  • Civil Wars
  • Seinfeld
  • Doogie Howser, M.D and
  • The X-Files.

Apart from this, she was a popular face on another famous American sitcom, ‘How I Met Your Mother(HIMYM)’ 

How much did Maggie Wheeler make on Friends?

Maggie Wheeler made $30,000-$35,000 on Friends (per episode). It is speculated that Maggie Wheeler made an enormous amount of money on friends sitcoms. Initially, when Friends started to air in the early ’90s, she used to make around $5,000 per episode. As the time passed the sitcom got very popular and with that, we can expect that Maggie made much more amount than what she usually made when the sitcom started airing in the 90’s


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Maggie Wheeler Juno Wheeler

Maggie is blessed with two daughters, Juno Wheeler and the other is Gemma Wheeler. There is not much public information available about Gemma but there is a certain amount of information available about Juno. On her Instagram account, we can see Juno Wheeler sharing photos and videos that give us an insight into her personal life

Additionally, we can see her making short clippings called Reels on her Instagram account. To conclude this we can say that Maggie Wheeler cares a lot for her daughters but Maggie Wheeler Juno wheeler is more discussed thing since Juno has been in the limelight for quite some time now and Gemma has not been!

Maggie Wheeler Bio.

Maggie Wheeler Birthday is on Aug 7, 1961, in the boroughs of Manhatten, New York City, USA.  Maggie is happily married to Daniel Borden Wheeler. She is blessed with two beautiful daughters Gemma Wheeler, Juno Wheeler.

In 1998, she appeared in the remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap, playing the younger of a mother-daughter pair of camp counselors. She also guest-starred in the Disney Channel Original Series Shake It Up as Dina’s Mom.

She is one of the richest celebrities to be born in Manhatten USA alongside Jessica Ussery and Steve Kinser to name a few rich American Celebrities. Maggie’s sun sign is Leo.

Maggie Wheeler Wiki

First Name


Last Name





60 Years Old


Aug 7, 1961



Country of Residence

United States of America (USA)

Maggie Wheeler Height

Height in Cms- 156.2 cm

Height in Foot- 5.0

Maggie Wheeler Weight

62 Kg

Maggie Wheeler Body Measurements

Slim Fit

Maggie Wheeler Affair
No affairs, currently married

Maggie Wheeler Eye Color


Maggie WheelerHair Color


Family Stats

Father's Name


Daughter's Name

Gemma Wheeler, Juno Wheeler

Husband's Name

Daniel Borden Wheeler

Maggie Wheeler Net Worth in Detail.

Maggie Wheeler Net Worth 2020

$2 million

Maggie Wheeler Networth 2019

$1.5 Million

Primary Source of Income

Acting, Brand Endrosements

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Maggie Wheeler Juno Wheeler

Juno Wheeler is one of the two daughters that Maggie Wheeler has. Maggie Wheeler shares a good bond with both the daughters. Talking more about Juno Wheeler, she is also known as Juno Alexandra. Her Instagram username is @junoalexandra. Juno Studied at the NYU Silver University School of social work

On her Instagram Profile, she regularly posts various types of Photos that keep the viewers engaged which in turn leads to an increase in her following. She also has been associated with A Hot Yoga Joint in Tribeca & Boerum Hill called the verayoganyc.

Interesting Maggie Wheeler Facts.

  • Maggie Wheeler net worth is around $2 million
  • Maggie Wheeler Birthday is on 7 August
  • Maggie Wheeler Age is 59
  • She is famous for her (irritating) voice for the character Janice in Friends
  • Apart from Friends Maggie has starred in various other sitcoms like HIMYM.
  • She started her career as a voice artist in the 1980s
  • Maggie has also voice over for Harley Quinn in batman animated series.
  • Maggie Wheeler also is known as Margaret Emily Jakobson
  • Maggie is happily married to Daniel Borden Wheeler

Some Common FAQ’s related to Maggie Wheeler.

No, it was the character's voice
Her accent is normal like us.
She was paid $19,000 per episode.
As of 2020, her net worth is around $2 Million
Daniel Borden Wheeler

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