Mia Melano Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth, AV, Bio

Mia Melano Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth, AV, Bio

Quick Info:

Mia Melano Age

25 years old

Mia MelanoHeight

160 cm

Mia Melano Net Worth

Mia Melano Age, Photos, Birthday and more information

Mia Melano Is famous amongst as an actress. She has worked in numerous films as an actress. She is particularly known for her films in the AV industry. Some of her films in the AV industry have been a commercial hit and a tiny bit of them have flopped as well.

Mia Melano

Mia Melano

She started her career in the filming industry a long time back. Initially, she had to struggle to get her self into the industry. But, once she got into the industry there has been no looking back for her. The time before she became an actress was a difficult time for her. Mia has struggled a lot and has worked hard for what she is today.

Mia Melano before becoming an actress she used to work as a waitress in a restaurant. The restaurant was situated in Seattle. She worked for two years in the restaurant before becoming a film sensation in the entertainment industry. Once she came into the entertainment industry there has been no looking back for her. Her career as an Actress has only gone upwards.

She is very much popular on various social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter, etc. Mia is particularly very much active on Instagram. Over there, she shares photos that give us an insight into her personal life

Mia has been active on Instagram for quite some time now. She made her debut on Instagram way back in the year 2017 in the month of April. Her photos on Instagram get viral easily and quickly. Due to the fact that they get viral, she has gained a good amount of followers on Instagram.

She is blessed with black colored eyes and black colored hair. Mia Melano Height is estimated to be 160 cm while her weight is approximately 58 kgs. As the reports say, she is currently unmarried. Moreover, Mia Melano is not dating anyone. We do not have any information about her past relationships if any

Mia Melano believes in keeping her personal life very much private. This is the reason that we do not have any information about her parents and other starts if any. She is one top model in the nation along with some other video content creators like Nicky ChampaHypieee

Mia Melano Height & Wiki

First Name


Last Name



Model and Actress

Mia Melano Age

25 years old





Country of Residence

United States of America

Mia Melano Height

Height in Cms- 160 cm

Height in Foot- 5.2

Mia Melano Weight

58 Kg

Mia Melano Measurements

Slim fit body

Mia Melano Affair

Mia Melano Eyes Color


Mia Melano Hair Color


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Mia Melano Net Worth & Salary in Detail

Mia Melano Net Worth This Year


Mia Melano Net worth Last Year


Primary Source of Income


Mia Melano Salary 

$2,000 (Monthly)

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Interesting Mia Melano facts

  • Mia Melano Age is 25 years
  • She is currently single
  • Mia Melano Height is 160 cm
  • Mia Melano Birthday is in the year 1995
  • Mia Melano Net Worth is $100,000

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