Peter Mitchell Net Worth 2020: Bio, Wiki, Facts & More

Peter Mitchell Net Worth, Bio, Wiki Facts.

Quick Info:

Peter Mitchell Age

36 years

Peter Mitchell Wife


Peter Mitchell Net Worth
$5 Million

Who is Peter Mitchell? A Detailed Introduction.

Peter Mitchell is famous amongst us as an Actor. He is precisely known as Opera Soap Actor. Peter has acted in many soap operas like:

  • Offs
  • Doctors, and
  • Coronation Street. 

Apart from that, he is known for playing the role of Pete Hamill on the long-running series Hollyoaks. In Coronation Street, Peter Starred opposite Helen Worth.

Initially, Peter Mitchell aspired a career in the field of Soccer. In his teens, he represented Leeds United in the premier league. But the dream of becoming a professional football player stayed as a dream only for peter.

Peter Mitchell Net Worth, Bio, Wiki

Peter Mitchell Net Worth, Bio, Wiki

Peter met with a car accident which made him paralyzed thus dusting the dream of becoming a professional football player. But, he has tasted a lot of success as a Soap Opera Actor.

In this article, find out what is Peter Mitchell Net worth, Peter Mitchell Bio, Salary, Height Weight, Age, Facts. Keep reading further and you will have detailed information about Peter Mitchell  Wiki, lifestyle.

Additionally, you will get insights on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her annual income report.

Peter Mitchell Bio

Peter Mitchell was born on April 10, 1984. He is currently 36 years old and will be turning 37 next year. He was born in Derry, Ireland. Currently, he is a resident of Ireland. Peter Mitchell’s sun sign is Aries. His ethnicity is White and the religion that Peter Devotees himself to is unknown as of now. 

Talking about his Height and Weight, Peter is 167 cm tall and weighs around 60 Kg. Coming to his eye color it is black while his hair color is black too. Peter Mitchell has a muscular fit body. He is one of the richest people to be born in Derry, Ireland.

According to our sources, he had one relationship in the past. The person with whom he was in a relationship is not known as of now. But, we can confidently say that currently, Peter Mitchell is single.

Peter Mitchell Wiki

First Name


Last Name



Soap Opera Actor


36 years old


April 10, 1984



Country of Residence


Peter Mitchell Height

Height in Cms- 167 cm

Height in Foot- 5.2

Peter Mitchell Weight

60 Kg

Peter Mitchell Measurements

Fit Muscular Body

Peter Mitchell Affair

Eyes Color


 Hair Color


Family Stats

Wife's Name


Daughter's Name


Mother's Name


Peter Mitchell Networth in Detail.

Peter Mitchell Net Worth 2020

$5 Million

Peter Mitchell Networth 2019

$5 Million

Primary Source of Income

Acting, Brand Endrosements

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Interesting Peter Mitchell facts

  • Peter Mitchell Net Worth is $5 Million which coincides with an Australian Celebrity Pia Miranda
  • Peter Mitchell once aspired to be a football player but due to a car accident, he could not pursue his dream.
  • He is currently single.
  • His Facebook Name is @PeterMitchell7News
  • Peter Mitchell is known for playing the role of Pete Hamill on the long-running series Hollyoaks.

Some Interesting FAQ related to Peter Mitchell

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