[Video] What is the all new Tiktok Art Challenge 2020? Expalined!

What is the all new Tiktok Art Challenge?

TikTok is the ocean of many things. Right from a normal lip sync video to the dancing duet videos. You are bound to get a lot of things on TikTok. People of all ages use TikTok. You can see a 14 year old vibing on a dancing video while a 60 year old grandma showcasing how young still she is despite her age.

TikTok Art Challenge

TikTok Art Challenge

Challenges come and go on TikTok. There are daily new challenges created, uploaded on TikTok by the active community on TikTok. Some of the most famous challenges that have been created or are practiced on TikTok is the The Jonathan Galindo Challenge which is quite similar to the Blue Whale challenge that exploded way back in the year 2017!

One of the recent trends that have been going around on TikTok is the  Electrical Tape Challenge Tiktok there we can see people showing off their body parts by removing their short while they are performing on a song. This challenge is basically an NSFW challenge if you know what I mean here exactly!

Now a recent trend has been making a buzz on TikTok, it is the TikTok Art Challenge. Many TikTok stars are seen following this TikTok Art Challenge. So let us exactly see what the challenge is all about and is it the new trend that has been set in the nation.

TikTok Art Challenge explained

  • The content creator is given the liberty to choose the type of art he/she wants to make.
  • Now, for example, here we may consider making a simple egg sandwich.
  • The first step is to put the pan on the gas. Thus the creator draws art illustrating it
  • Next, we have to break the egg and place it on the pan. The creator draws a picture of it too
  • So basically, he or she just illustrates the entire process via various illustrations

Here is a video that explains what exactly I am trying to say here.


People have been crazily following this current trend aka challenge. If you were to search for #artchalleneg on TikTok as of now you may find a lot of videos about it. If you just want to see the compilation of various videos combined into one (on YouTube) you may click here

As of writing this, the hashtag alone has received more than 3 billion hits. Such is the craze of the TikTok Art challenge as of now. Some of the famous creators who did the #artchallenge are:

  • genariadraws
  • your lucky star and many more!

You can even refer the hashtag #tiktokartchallenge if you want to see more videos on the topic!

Next is the TikTok Body Art Challenge.

This is very much similar to the TikTok Art Challenge but with a slight twist.

  • The content creator chooses to select his part of the body
  • Now when the video starts he/she has to draw something (it can be anything, literally anything) on his body
  • When the video finishes, he has to nominate more people to be a part of this challenge, that is pretty much it!

TikTok art Challenges list

  • @genariadraws
  • @your lucky star 
  • @nataliejpa
  • @justlorenahere
  • @hollyfae_art

and many more!

That is it for this article on the TikTok Art Challenge and the TikTok Body Art Challenge. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Bye for now and see you in the next article!

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