What is TikTok Drafts Leaked? Can TikTok see your Drafts 2020?

TikTok Drafts Leaked

TikTok has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days. Right from TikTok getting banned in the month of September to the weirdest challenges that are being performed by various TikTok stars on the lip sync platform. It has absorbed it all. Now there is a new controversy arising recently, the TikTok Drafts Leaked controversy.

TikTok Drafts Leaked

TikTok Drafts Leaked

Some people have been questioning left right, Is TikTok leaking the draft information? What is the matter with TikTok Draft Leak? We have got all the answers to your questions. Just keep reading further and you will know what exactly is this controversy and how authentic is the information about the leakage!

What Exactly is the TikTok Drafts Leaked Controversy?

It all started when a female content creator by the name @its.journi uploaded a video on TikTok as usual. Sooner it was observed by some smart TikTok users that when someone clicked on her username, instead of going straight to her TikTok profile, the person clicking on it was directed somewhere else!

The place where the user was redirected is unknown but it is known that it openly exposed the folder where drafts are usually stored. In simple words, when a person clicked on her @ then the app directed the person to the area wherein you usually keep your unsaved projects i.e drafts

It was done with taking the consent of the user and this basically meant that TikTok could easily access the personal information about the person clicking on @. You can watch the exact video which caused all the chaos.


When the official tried contacting her, she said that she is unaware of this thing happening with her account and also said that she has not done anything that violates TikTok Terms and Conditions

What does TikTok have to say about TikTok Drafts Leaked?

Officially TikTok has not come out with a statement. This certainly has left a few content creators Paranoid. The userbase of TikTok all over the world is more than 500 million as of now and this is an important issue that needs to be handled on a fast track

Sane advice at this point in time would be that you should mark your profile as private if you believe that your privacy is threatened by this thing. Another extreme option would be to delete your account completely on TikTok. There are ways you can do it just google it out!

This certainly might be a bug in the app and TikTok sooner or later should fix this and everything will be working fine as it was before. Let us just hope it happens as soon as possible!

Can TikTok see your Drafts?

No, TikTok has a set a privacy mode on wherein only the person whos the account is (the account owner) can see the details of his/her drafts saved in his/her account. They will remain there until you’re ready to use them. Once the owner deletes those drafts, but obviously, they would not be longer accessible to the owner and TikTok is out of the question here!

Why are TikTok drafts getting leaked?

There is still confirmation to be done behind the reason the drafts are getting leaked. In fact it is believed to be a bug but there is no official confirmation as yet!

Well, that is it for this article on TikTok Drafts Leaked. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece of Information. If you want to view the entire video of the controversy, you may click here

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