Top 150 TikTok Fairy Comments You Cannot Afford to Miss in 2020

What are Fairy Comments on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms amongst the Youth. If you were to ask a 15 year old what exactly is TikTok, am sure 9/10 people would certainly tell you what exactly it is. To the remaining 1/10 people, TikTok is a lip-sync social media platform where people generally upload short videos.

Fairy Comments on TikTok

Fairy Comments on TikTok

A typical video on TikTok is of a length generally 20-30 seconds each. The videos range from beauty tips to a random person just sailing their lips to the song they often enjoy listening to. TikTok videos are generally dominated by the lyrical lip sync genre. You can see a lot of people just randomly making lip sync videos on TikTok.

If there are content creators then there are content viewers as well. They basically consume the content created by the video creator and leave their (valuable) feedback on the video that has been uploaded. This happens on every social media platform nothing new.

There are comments (mostly) appreciating your content but there are some other people too who no matter what you do do not engage well with your content. These are your haters. If you were to see Instagram, Facebook, or for that matter Twitter, then you would certainly call them to hate comments.

But when you come to TikTok, the terminology changes a little. People call them fairy comments. Elaborating further, a Fairy Comment on TikTok is basically a comment which starts on a good (read praising) note but often takes a wild turn either criticizing the content creator or praising them in a punny and sarcastic way!

So let us take a look at the Best TikTok Fairy Comments that you might come across in 2020

Freaky Fairy Comments Tiktok

Here is the list of Freaky Fairy Comments that you would find on TikTok

  • Are you an artist? Cuz I would let you paint my inner walls
  • Are you help? Cause I need you badly right now!
  • All these comments are so mean, please listen to them!
  • Can I explore Uranus? Cus am an astrologer
  • My stomach feels empty right now, how about filling it with our children?
  • My guts are not really working, can you rearrange them for me?
  • I have a taco, do you mind putting your sauce in it?
  • I promise to hold your hand in public and your throat in the private, deal?
  • I wanna Lana, did get it yet? Read it backward, lol.
  • You said to take it easy, duck that I am going the opposite!
  • Google is so idiotic when I asked the best thing to eat out, he freaking did not take your name, duh!
  • I feel I should really d(ate) you!
  • Do you come with icing or I have to apply it manually?

List of Fairy Comments Flirty

  • Confidence is the key, but you should change the lock perhaps?
  • You are the one I talk to from the 9/10 I ignore!
  • They say you should chase your dreams, okay following you wherever you go!
  • They say the light is at the end of the tunnel, you perhaps blocked it?
  • You are a baddie, okay take away the bad.
  • You call me I get hung up on you!
  • I love you so much as the stars in the sky!
  • Somebody is said nobody is perfect, how about naming you nobody, cus you are damn perfect!
  • Everyone is loved these days, except you, gimme a chance!
  • That outfit looks good, mind sharing the wardrobe?

Mean Fairy Comments TikTok List

  • I am happy you made it to the tree, now just jump off it
  • Good to see you climb up the ladder of success, I hope that one freaking breaks
  • All it takes is one windy day and boom you are out.
  • Aww, you really did it? Never do it again, dumb!
  • You are so down to the earth, wish you go deeper and rest in peace there
  • There is so much hate in the comment section, perhaps lesser than the hate in the country!
  • You look tired, go sleep, and never wake up.
  • You certainly should host a party and call it your ducking funeral
  • The confidence is glowing, let us lower the brightness for now!
  • They say winners never quit, you should though!

TikTok Fairy Comments Dirty

  • The video is breathtaking, wish it takes away yours!
  • Everyone has a creative outfit, I mean there are exceptions too!
  • You did it. You all did it. Great!
  • I have broken a lot of things, ykwim!
  • Eating a cat is fun! They taste salty and sticky, yuk!
  • Let me add us in a bed, subtract your clothes, divide your legs and freaking start the multiplication
  • You are so brave to send them. Keep up the bravery!

These are some of the freaky fairy comments examples and the list probably ends here. But wait, as the time passes by we surely will update the list as we can and will surely do it. If you are a huge fan of TikTok, check out this Alpha Familia from TikTok who are siblings and a couple, yes you read it right! You might want to check out the recent challenges in trend on TikTok as well. You can go to twitter and check this thread out for more interesting Fairy Comments on TikTok

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