What does Wap Mean on Tiktok? Wap Meaning on TikTok Explained 2020

What does Wap Mean on Tiktok? Wap Meaning on TikTok Explained

The Internet has been active for quite some time now! People while talking are in a different tone and while they are talking about the same/different thing on any social media platform, they mean something different. There are a lot of slangs that are widely used on social media platforms while we communicate with each other.

These days going viral is not a tough job, anything literally anything can go viral these days. The recent trend that has been surrounding the popular lip sync platform TikTok is WAP. WAP stands for Wet A** and P***y. That is actually a cuss word but used frequently these days on TikTok.

Wap Meaning TikTok explained

Recently a lot of videos are being made on TikTok with a hashtag #wap in it. Many TikTok stars are seen using the hashtag in the recent videos. It has gone so viral that the hashtag alone has generated more than 300 million views. Yes, you read it right, 300 million views on the hashtag!

How did the hashtag go viral? Well, it goes back to the start of August this year. On 6th August famous singer, CARDI B released her new song on YouTube. Seeing the popularity that she has, the song went viral in literally no amount of time.

Soon it was the talk of the town! The song actually is an explicit song with obviously explicit lyrics in it. Soon the TikTok community found it cool and appealing and started using it in their videos. Thus, the viral hashtag WAP was created on TikTok.

So, the collective credit goes to the entire TikTok community for creating such viral Trend which in turn benefits two people, CARDI B and the TikTok stars who have been using this viral hashtag in their videos! Below you can find the song which was released by CARDI B.


The slang WAP has started to spread on other social media platforms like Instagram, Snap Chat, and even YouTube as well. So we would not be surprised if it hits high in the upcoming days on all the popular social media platforms!

People literally assume it to be cool while using this slang on social media. Although 18+ slangs are not a new thing on social media but there should be a certain control and limit on how we use and where we use it!

That is it for this article on WAP Meaning TikTok. Hope you enjoyed reading this article! Articles you may be interested in to read 15+ Fascinating Facts About Friends Tv Show in 2020.

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